Agri-Fab 38 Kg Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

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Agri-Fab 38 Kg Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

The Agri-Fab tow-behind broadcast spreaders will make your neighbours green with envy. Spread seed, fertiliser and weed control evenly and in less time. The easy and convenient way to cover larger areas.

  • Replaces OEM: Agri-Fab 45-0530
  • Carton Size: (inches) (L x W x H): L 22.3" x W 16.3" x H 14.5"
  • Carton Size: (mm) (L x W x H): L 566.42 mm x W 414.02 mm x H 368.3 mm
  • Height: (inches) 25.0"
  • Height: (mm) 635 mm
  • Length: (in) 33.0"
  • Length: (mm) 838.2 mm
  • Weight: 8.164 kgs (18 lbs)
  • Width: (inches) 22.0"
  • Width: (mm) 558.8 mm
  • Wheel(s): 10" (254 mm) Pneumatic wheels.
  • Tread Pattern: Block

Features: Perfect for fertilizing or weed control. Easy set controls allow for precise amount of product to be distributed onto lawns. Rust-proof poly hopper and spreader plate increases product life. Corrosion resistant hardware. Maneuverable - Pneumatic tyres let you go anywhere to get the job completely done. Universal mounting - Makes this broadcast spreader suitable for use with most ride-on lawn mowers.

Made in the USA with global materials.

38.55 kgs (85 lb.) capacity covers approximately 1,011 square metres (1/4 acre or 14,000 sq. ft.) depending on material used and speed of application.

Standard Pack Quantity: 1

Please Note:

Operating Instructions:-

Do not use powdered lawn chemicals. They do not give a satisfactory or consistent broadcast pattern.

1. Estimate the size of the area to be covered and calculate the amount of material required.

2. Set the adjustable stop according to the flow setting recommended in the application chart which is printed in the operating manual. Also refer to the instructions on the packaging for the material to be spread.

3. The application chart is calculated for light to heavy coverage at a vehicle speed of 4.5 kmh (3 mph), or 30.5 metres (100 ft.) in 23 seconds. Do not exceed 4.5 kph (3 mph).

4. Make sure the control lever is in the "OFF" position.

5. Fill the hopper, breaking up any lumpy fertilizer.

6. Start the spreader in motion and then pull the control lever forward against the adjustable stop to the "ON" position.

7. Always move the control lever to the "OFF" position before turning or stopping.

8. To ensure uniform coverage, make each pass so that the broadcast pattern slightly overlaps the pattern from the previous pass. The approximate broadcast widths for different materials are shown in the application chart in the operating manual.

9. For rectangular areas, make two passes across the short ends to create turning areas. For non-rectangular areas, make two passes around the entire border.

10. When broadcasting weed control fertilizers, make sure the broadcast pattern does not hit evergreen trees, flowers or shrubs.

Safety Information:-

1. Read the information on the chemical package for instructions and cautions on handling and applying.

2. Wear eye, hand and breathing protection when handling and when applying lawn or garden chemicals.

3. Never allow children to operate the vehicle or spreader.

4. Do not use the spreader to transport people.

5. Before using the spreader for the first time, ensure that you are completely familiar with the functions of the towing vehicle.

6. Please be aware that the towing vehicle performs differently when it is pulling a load.

• Do not drive too close to ditches or other obstacles.

• Do not drive on steep inclines.

7. Always begin in 1st gear and never go faster than 4.82 kph (3 mph).


1. Empty the spreader after each use, storing left over material in its original bag.

2. Rinse the inside of the hopper and the exterior of the spreader and dry off before storing.

3. Store in a clean, dry area.

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