How a Compact Stand-On Zero Turn Mower Can Make You More Productive

When talking commercial lawn mowers, a compact stand-on mower offers the productivity of a zero turn mower mixed with the precision of a walk behind mower. As the name suggests, the user stands in a stationary position on a platform several inches above the ground.

Bulky lawn mowers make it difficult to reach edges and negotiate certain parts of the lawn. Removing debris and obstacles out of the way and slow turns drastically reduce productivity. This is where a compact stand-on mower excels. Let’s take a closer look at how a compact stand-on mower can improve productivity and cutting quality.

Improves productivity and output

Stand-on zero turn mowers such as the Husqvarna V554 can help reduce the number of hours wasted performing menial tasks. The user is able to mount and dismount the unit at lightning speed. This makes clearing debris out of the way of the cutting path a painless process. Able to move at up to 17 km per hour, it is able to mow approximately 4.1 acres per hour.

With the manoeuvrability of a zero turn mower, a compact stand-on mower is able to turn on its axis making for precise and quick turns. This eliminates the need to perform 3-point turns to manoeuvre the machine. The 54-inch cutting deck provides superior cutting performance and can mulch, side discharge or collect the grass clippings as it moves. The drive systems are industrial strength and provide extreme durability, too. This provides the user with ongoing and long-lasting use across the board, making it ideal for commercial use. The spring assisted high-leverage deck lift reduces the amount of time required for lowering and raising the deck, while also minimising user strain. Being able to increase productivity without sacrificing quality is important for any commercial landscaping business. The Husqvarna V554 stand-on mower offers exactly that.

Compact space-saving design

Working within landscaping or garden maintenance requires many specialist tools to be carried. The compact design of stand-on mowers frees up valuable space in your trailer making it possible to carry all of your important tools, safely and securely. As an example of the compact nature, the Husqvarna V548 has a base length of 57 inches and a base height of 48 inches. The cutting width of 48 inches makes it capable of mowing up to 3.7 acres of lawn per hour.

The anti-scalping wheels help prevent damage to the lawn from occurring. The cutting height can be set between 1 to 5 inches, providing a flexible and consistent cut for all lawn types. With the Husqvarna stand-on mower the only thing beyond the steering wheel is the user.

The fact that Husqvarna stand-on mowers are so compact makes it easier to carry several units on one trailer. This can eliminate the need for several vehicles to transport your commercial garden equipment for large properties or needs, saving on time and money. This will prove to be especially beneficial for larger commercial landscapers and lawn maintenance companies requiring a larger fleet of mowers. Their ergonomic design and ease-of-use make them as easy to transport as they are to use.

Improved comfort and safety

Both comfort and safety are improved with stand on zero turn mowers. The centralised mass provides increased surface traction. This makes them safer to use on inclines and uneven ground surfaces. The placement of the engine is between the rear and front wheels, shifting the centre of gravity from the rear of the unit. The operator is also perfectly positioned between the rear wheels rather than behind them. This drastically reduces the risk of the unit tipping backwards. The wheelbase has also been designed to be lower, resulting in a reduced weight load.

This reduction of weight reduces the likelihood of turf damage from occurring during turns and when stopping and starting. The comfort of the operator is also important. Especially as they will be on their feet throughout the day. Features such as an inbuilt cup holder and comfort cushions help to eliminate strain during operation. The operator's cushion allows the user to place their lower body weight against the unit. This reduces the amount of stress on the legs, increasing overall comfort and satisfaction.

The operator's console places all of the compact stand-on mowers controls within easy reach. The operators assist bars further improve ease-of-use. When tackling lawns with areas that restrict manoeuvrability or with hard to handle terrains, the quick flip up platform improves the operator's control and precision. The ability to be able to lower the deck automatically with a quick tap of the palm also saves time when compared to manual deck release.

Stand-on mowers are better for business

Compact stand-on mowers provide the best of both worlds. The operator has all of the power and functionality as with sit-down zero turn mowers, as well as traditional walk behind mowers. Zero turn mowers are seen as one of the top lawn mowing solutions due to their astounding productivity levels, while stand-on mowers are favoured for their speed, comfort, visibility, and practicality.

Improvements of the overall weight of this type of commercial mower means that speed and productivity are increased. Many Australian properties will also appreciate the reduced likelihood of unwanted ruts from being created in the soil. When you combine everything together, you find a commercial lawn mower that saves time and money while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.